Home Buyer Assistance San Diego first home purchase closing costs
  • No Repayment

    **RENEWED FUNDING** as of 1/1/2014. $2,974,000 available. First come, first served. Once the San Diego fund is exhausted, no further funding will be available. Its easy to qualify. Register before its too late, or contact us with any questions.

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  • Almost Any Home

    Available to first time home buyers and repeat buyers. Minimum purchase price $200,000. Property type must be a Single Family Home, Condo or Townhome. Unlisted homes are available. Unlike various programs, there are no income limitations.

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  • Simple Qualification

    Must qualify for conventional, FHA, or VA loan. No bankruptcy or foreclosure in last two years. Contribute all of required down payment. Gift down payments allowed for FHA buyers. HBA can apply benefits thru our approved Broker/Agent and Financial Institution/Lender.


  • Advantage over Other Buyers

    Act on homes while other buyers scrape together funds. Buy now instead of waiting to save. EXCLUSIVE benefit to HBA participants. Gain access to our Broker network. This gives you exclusive access to homes not yet available to the public. Look at homes before anyone else has a chance to. Make a decision before it has multiple offers and gets bid up beyond the asking price. Squeeze out the investors who are buying the homes you want with their cash offers. This is a huge benefit. Although HBA benefits are available to almost any home, MOST of our participants select a home within our network.

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